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pdlock shared 2 photos in the My 2001 Proton album 1 week ago

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My transmission is randomly hesitating to shift from 3rd to 4th. Works every time when starting cold...then randomly hangs up all day Any hints?... Show more

ecorun shared 6 photos in the Vdriver album 1 week ago

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Hi...I am a new member form New Zealand.Have recently bought a 1997 3.2 V CROSS RHD. This is a "ex Japan' vehicle in original condition...not... Show more

Mikey likes vx shared a photo. 3 months ago

99 vx with 33x12.5x15 aethon m/t,s on ultra 164 aluminum plastic dipped 15in wheels 8 inch wide 3.724 backspace, -18 offset. Torsion bars tightened... Show more

99 vx with 33x12.5x15 aethon m/t,s on ultra 164 aluminum plastic dipped 15in wheels 8 inch wide 3.724 backspace, -18 offset. Torsion bars tightened 9 full turns which lifted it 3 inches. Just found out iam getting my sunroof replaced for free. Due to a recall for webasto hollindia model 600 and 700. Check it out. You might be eligible too. Thought I'd share. 1/17/2021.

I’m trying to put a high performance aftermarket equipment, to improve speed, but according to my mechanic, some will occasionally have problems... Show more

Good afternoon, I am looking for an AC high pressure line for my 99 Vehicross. Can anyone here give me a lead or two?

Orlandimark shared 8 photos in the Stream Photos album 10 months ago

I'm sad to say I have a 99 vx up for sale. I love this thing, but I need to make some space. It has 3" OME 912 springs and the ome extended shocks... Show more

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Hi, I have a 1999. Since my wife and I are splitting up, I get to keep my beloved VX. (She didn't want me to spend any money on it) So now I get to... Show more

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When the axel lock sleve is in lock position the indicator light will come on. When its unlocked the light goes out. No guessing and true 2 hi or... Show more

Hook the two vacume lines up at the diaphragm on the driver side front axel and run them through the firewall and along the console to front of... Show more

True 2 wheel hi and low mod. Without manuel locking hubs. And without fault lights or codes. Here's all you need. 2 eight foot vacume lines. One six... Show more

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Hey club, I am a new member and are in search of an engine for my 2000 Ironman. Anyone whos knows of any olease let me know. Thanks!

Does anyone know how to contact an isuzu parts guy named Merlin. I been trying to figure out why I cant get power to my front drive shafts/wheels. I... Show more

Knigh7s Hi Mikey, No go with Merlin. Someone from the FB Group may have his contacts, but I don't know if that will do you any good. I saw you were able to... Show more 1 year ago

I have an issue with my 99 vx.i recently installed a tranny out of a 98 trooper. The tod indicator works exactly as it should. It doesnt flash. It... Show more




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